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  All about Holleman  

Holleman Elementary is one of five Waller ISD elementary schools that serve Pre-K through 5th grade students with quality educational programs that honor individual learning styles in positive and supportive environments. Among the programs and enrichment opportunities offered are: School-wide Title 1 reading and math;  Leveled Literacy Program; Dyslexia Program; Discovery Gifted and Talented; Chess; and Student Council.  The school has volunteer opportunities with our VIPS program. 

Holleman Elementary was opened in 1974 and named after long-time educator I.T. Holleman. I.T. Holleman was 18 years of age when he began his career in education – a career that spanned 41 years. Holleman was named principal of the Waller School in 1939, and the superintendent of the district in September 1942 – a position that he kept until June 30, 1973.

School Motto
Holleman: A Great Place to Learn!”

School song
H-O-Double L-E-M-A-N spells Holleman
Proud of all the things we learn to do here, do here
Reading, spelling, science, math, art, PE, and music.
H-O-Double L-E-M-A-N you see.
That’s the place where the rule is to help each other all the way
It’s Holleman – A great place to learn!


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